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Stop Food Waste Challenge


Would you like to save money by reducing your food bill? Reducing your food waste can save an average of €700 per household per year. Globally, we throw away 1.3 billion tonnes of food annually. In Ireland households and businesses waste one million tonnes of food each year…that’s 2 ½ times Croke Park, filled to the top. Food that gets thrown out ends up in landfills, where it gradually rots and releases methane, a strong greenhouse gas that contributes to Climate Change. To help you save money and protect the environment, Zero Waste Cashel is looking for people to take part in a Stop Food Waste Challenge.


The Stop Food Waste Challenge is a free programme that supports householders to identify and initiate small behaviour changes that reduce the amount of food that they waste.

During four one-hour weekly meetings the issue of food waste is explored under the challenges of awareness, planning, shopping, storing and cooking.

Participants take a survey on the first and last meetings and are asked to record the types and weights of wasted food. This provides them with affirmative, ‘feel good’ proof of the changes that they have made and gives the Programme Coordinators information about the effectiveness of the programme.

The meetings incorporate many different learning methods including discussions, small group brainstorming, quizzes, videos and mini-lectures. The learning environment is therefore mainly participant-lead. Having explored the meeting’s topic, participants self-select the actions that they will take during the week and make a commitment to doing so. In the opening round of the following meeting they have a chance to share their experiences of trying the actions. The programme is structured to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement and this is central to its proven success.

If you want to save money and/or do your bit for the environment then phone Project Manager Derry O Donnell on 086-3191673 or email info@zerowastecashel.ie

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