Terms and Conditions

All people who sign up to our sharing economy also sign up to the conditions set out below:

The whole point of Zero Waste Cashel is to help each other out where we can and enjoy the process. The limited information you provide (your name, email, mobile and address) is to enable the website to work and it will not be shown to anyone other than logged in members.

We would ask that you take part with only the best of intentions. Give freely and accept gratefully.

  • If you borrow something, please return it within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Agree a return date with the lender before you borrow the item.
  • We recommend that the lender takes a picture of the borrower holding the item and a sign with the agreed upon return date.
  • If you need the item longer than previously agreed, please ask permission from the lender and agree to a new timescale.

Please take care of the borrowed item and treat it as your own; return it in the same condition as you found it.

Zero Waste Cashel does not take any responsibility for the condition of the loaned item whether it works at the beginning or at the end.

Please do not post anything illegal, sexual or dodgy in any way. And please do not advertise paid services. We keep an eye on things and may remove content at our discretion.

Other than that just go out there and spread the news of our sharing economy!